E-News – Volume 51 – September 2023

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September 01, 2023
The latest news and updates on research, treatments and clinical trials

Our September edition (Volume 51) of the E-News – newsletter is packed with exciting news and updates on the Annual General Meeting, the election of the new Management Committee and our community outreach projects.

It also covers the latest research, treatments and clinical trials for Age Related Macular Degeneration, Stargardt Disease (including encouraging results in a Stargardt Clinical Trial), Retinitis Pigmentosa, Usher Syndrome, Optogenetics and Bionic Sight.

To listen to an audio version of the newsletter go to our YouTube Channel https://youtu.be/qMkChq0vfW4, while you are there please subscribe to our channel where you will find interesting webinars on topics from Tips for Youth Entering the Workplace to Living with the Ageing Eye – What you need to know.

Click here for a pdf version of the Newsletter.

In case you missed our Retinal Realities Podcast series they are available on our channel.

The Retinal Realities Podcast is a platform where we engage in discussions on a wide range of topics including:
• Interesting information on retinal degenerative conditions,
• Discussions on the latest and greatest assistive devices and apps which help the visually impaired,
• Conversations and stories covering science, tech, family, relationships, careers, humour, inspirational triumphs, social change and many more arears of interest

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