Executive Committee

The Executive Committee comprises of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. These are all voluntary positions. They are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of Retina South Africa and are eligible for re-election. The EXCO is responsible for the daily administration of the Foundation.

Picture of Manny Moodley, National Chairman.

Manny Moodley (National Chairman)

Manny Moodley is a practicing attorney who has Stargardts Dystrophy, a juvenile form of Macular Degeneration. 

He first joined Retina South Africa as a member in 1999 when he was 11 years old.

He joined the Retina SA Eastern Cape Branch committee at age 15 in the role of Youth Portfolio Leader, since then he has served at both the provincial and national level of Retina SA, as Chairperson of the Western Cape and Vice Chairperson of the National Office. 

Manny serves on many boards and committees of various organisation’s in the disability sector, and his interests and passions are in advocacy, inclusion and equality for persons  with disabilities, he also has a special interest in scientific research to find treatments for Inherited Retinal Disorders. 

Picture of Anton Van Rooyen , Vice Chair.

Anton van Rooyen (Vice  Chair)

Anton is an expert in the field of assistive devices and programmes for Low Vision patients.  Anton is an accomplished musician and trains low vision patients in the use of  computers and assistive devices. Anton has Stargardt Disease.

Picture of Claudette Medefindt, National Secretary and Head of Science.

Claudette Medefindt, National Secretary and Head of Science

Claudette has been involved with the Retina Patient   Movement since 1980. She heads the patient support division and is a trained peer counsellor.  She lectures on IRD extensively and is the Deputy President of Retina International. Claudette has Dominant RP.

Picture of Jean Bowler, National Treasurer.

Jean Bowler, National Treasurer

Jean has been involved with the Foundation since it’s inception.  Her fiscal control is total and this has ensured sound financial management over the past 36 years. Neither Jean or her family have IRD and her contribution to furthering the aims of the Foundation mark her as a very special person.

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