The Virgin Active 947 Ride Joburg, hosted by the City of Johannesburg, transcends a mere cycling race. It serves as a platform for participants to achieve beyond their individual aspirations. Whether it’s reaching a personal milestone, raising funds for charity, or lending a hand to fellow riders in need, this event fosters a spirit of community and collective impact among participants and supporters alike. 


17 November 2024


FNB Stadium


*Closing date to register to ride with Team Retina SA. 
11 October 2024

Ready to step out of your comfort zone and make a difference for yourself this year?

Get ready to ride with purpose! We invite you to participate and fundraise for something truly impactful by supporting Retina South Africa’s Operation Save Our Sight program through the upcoming 94.7 Ride Joburg event in November 2024

Why Ride with Team Retina SA 


  • Funds Raised will support children and adults living with vision loss. 
  • We Fundraise to Empower individuals with vision loss and help break disability stigma through sport.
  • Your Participation directly contributes by providing opportunities, training, mentorship, and adaptive equipment, which are crucial for novice para-athletes to thrive in their sporting journey


  • Goodie Bag
  • Retina SA Socks
  • Retina SA Cycling Jersey
  • Dedicated Starting Time
  • Race Pack Collection on Your Behalf
  • Post-Race Hospitality


        Step 1: Register and join Team Retina SA for the 94.7 Ride Joburg Event

        Use our unique code SOST-221 to link yourself to Team Retina SA when registering online. Same code for either the 35km or 97km.

        Step 2. Complete Rider Registration Form

        Step 3. Secure Your Spot with a R500 Deposit!

        The image has the Ride Joburg Logo in the top Left Corner with a picture of the group of para cyclists in Save Our Sight blue and white cycling shirt and the words Ride for a Purpose in yellow text and the date and venue of the event, with the Retina South Africa Save our sight logo and the R500 Registration Fee listed below a white dotted line

        Then, fundraise and additional amount: 

        *R2000 for the 97km ride (total fundraising requirement R2500)

        *R1500 for the 35km ride (total fundraising requirement: R2000)

        Step 4. Start Fundraising:

        Spread the word and encourage donations to support Retina SA’s Operation Save Our Sight program.

        Already Entered the 947 Ride Joburg?

        If you have already registered through the 94.7 Virgin Active website and would like to be part of the Retina SA team, email us at now to link your entry.

        Raise More, Win Big!

        Raise more than R10 000, and you’ll receive a special gift as a token of our appreciation for your exceptional dedication and support.

        Additionally, there will be a fantastic prize for our top fundraiser.

        Let’s Ride Towards a Future with Restored Vision!

        We’re here to support you every step of the way.


        Expand your Cycling Experience – Volunteer as a Tandem Pilot!

        Looking for an extraordinary way to make a difference? If you’re passionate about cycling and eager to extend your support beyond fundraising, we have an exciting opportunity for you!

        Volunteer as a Tandem Pilot:

        Experience the thrill of cycling alongside para-athletes with visual impairments as a tandem pilot. Your role will be crucial in enabling them to participate fully in the 94.7 Ride Joburg event. It’s not just about pedaling; it’s about fostering inclusivity and creating unforgettable memories.

        How to Get Involved as a Tandem Pilot Volunteer: 

        If you’re interested in becoming a pilot volunteer, click here or contact team leader, Linsay Engelbrecht, at

        Even if you’ve never cycled before, now’s the perfect time to embrace the thrill of trying something new, something you’ll never forget and promote your own health. Riding with an experienced sighted pilot on a tandem bicycle, you’ll not only challenge yourself but also contribute to our worthy cause. Remember, getting active is not just about physical fitness—it’s about nurturing your vision health too. So why not take the leap and join us on this empowering journey?

        Connect with Us:

        For further details on joining our team or if you’ve already registered for the Ride Joburg event, reach out to our team leader, Linsay Engelbrecht, mobile 0845549227, or e-mail

        We’re here to support you every step of the way! Let’s pedal our way towards a brighter future together!

        If you’re not into cycling, feel free to contribute to our cause by making a donation here