Advances in electronics coupled with miniaturization and the availability of  information via the internet has opened the field of communication and accessibility to people with low vision.

Smart phones, specialized apps, voice assistance, ipads, lap tops and a host of electronic devices and programs are all available and often free.

For more information on mobile accessibility features and Apps visit SightSeekers website at

Some useful tips for making life easier:

  • Explore the accessibility section on your laptop/ desktop to increase font size and boldness.
  • Change the contrast, increase the size of your icons.
  • Use the ctrl keys to avoid finding icons (see Microsoft website for a comprehensive list).
  • Set you email options to default to larger bolder text.
  • Using a Mac, you can zoom in using keys and a mouse (Apple has strong accessibility tools built into their operating systems)
  • Set you mouse curser to large, bold and leave a trail.
  • Set your smart phone to large text, Zoom or voice.

For any advice on technology email Anton van Rooyen, at or call him on 0825677404.
Anton himself has central vision loss and is very up to date on all the latest programs and gizmos.

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