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December 01, 2021

WhatsApp Group

There are 3 age-appropriate WA groups that RSA administers. Youth 16+, Adults with RD and Parents of Young RD youth. If you would like to join WA your full name, mobile number, and WA group to 0833065262.

Retina SA Youth Webinar

The Retina SA Youth Team are very excited to share that we had our very first interactive webinar on the topic of Blind Dating on 4 November. We believe that this would be a popular topic to discuss sharing our own experiences, discussing the challenges, as well as trying our best to give advice. The webinar was a great success with attendees even requesting a part 2. Thank you to everyone who joined and we are hoping to see more of you next time.

You can contact us on our email

The next webinar will be held on Tuesday 30 November and the topic is Inclusivity and Accessibility. The link has been emailed to all members.

The final Webinar for the year will be on Saturday 4 December at 16h00. Topic is Living your best life with RD. The speakers will all be RD patients who will give short presentations on how they cope, and achieve, with RD. The link will be emailed and on our Facebook page and group.

Be motivated, educated and inspired. Questions by email or on the day are invited. This is a free, open access webinar with no prior registration.

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