Getting into QR Codes

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April 20, 2021


QR codes are the square blocks with a strange pattern that are being used more frequently for many online transactions and for navigation.

A new free App called NaviLens is an enhanced free QR code reader for both iOSand Android devices, but can detect QR codes via your smart phone camera up to 60 feet away with a 160 degree wide-angle range. This makes it easy for blind or visually impaired users of the technology.
For example, you will now be able to find an indoor room if you are walking down a hallway, or another destination such as a bus stop or store front.

In addition, there are home-use NaviLens tags that are free and you can print them out on your own personal printer and use them at home and customize them for whatever purpose you want: labelling your record or CD collection, items in your fridge or pantry, clothing or medications.

Once you have tagged items you can find things as easy as opening up the NaviLens app on your phone. (This feature also places ‘naviLens’ in the ‘Identifier’ apps category) .

NaviLens will be launching a new and more dynamic feature called NaviLens 360 Vision which gives you detailed step by step, foot by foot guidance to your destination with all kinds of cool navigational assistance, such as audible tones to guide you left or right or straight to your destination.

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