Thank you! Bayer SA for hosting our AGM on Saturday 12 August 2023. 
Your hospitality and support have been invaluable in helping us to make this event a success.
We appreciate your commitment to our organization and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Pictured below is Manny Moodley Chairman of Retina SA handing over a gift (a drawing of a dog in a gold frame) to Dr Gcinashe Nqabeni from Bayer South Africa 

Manny Moodley presenting Dr Gcinashe Nqabeni from Bayer SA with a gift from Retina SA, A painting of a dog in a gold frame



Thank you to all our amazing Guest Speakers.

Ms Elizabeth Louw, Orientation and Mobility School.

Elizabeth has been the head of the Orientation and Mobility Department at the SA Guide-Dogs Association for the past eight years. Her work role encompasses the management of two teams, one being a team facilitators who train student Orientation and Mobility Practitioners (O&M Practitioners). The other is a team of qualified Orientation and Mobility Practitioners who provide rehabilitation services to people with visual impairment in the community. Pictured below is Elizabeth at the podium at the AGM.

Elizabeth Louw at the podium at the AGM

Elizabeth Low at the Podium at the AGM

Elizabeth’s talk is available on our YouTube Channel at

Prof John Flannery, UCLA, Berkley, USA

Professor John Flannery is an internationally respected researcher in the field of neuroscience and molecular and cell biology of vision. He is professor of Vision Science and Optometry at the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute (HWNI) at the University of California Berkeley. He is widely published and is a member of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board of several Retinal organisations and of Retina South Africa.

In his presentation which is available on our YouTube Channel at he discusses the latest research using Adeno-associated Viral Gene Therapy and Optogenetic Vision Restoration. For more information visit The Flannery Lab at

Alani Ferreira, Paralympic Swimmer.

Picture of Alani Ferreira on the left and on the right a picture of her holding up her medal bronze medal from the recent Allianz Championships held in Manchester in 2023

Alani Ferreira (25) was diagnosed with Stargardts at age 12. Since then she has completed both her BCom Strategic Management and BCom Honors in Management with distinction and is working in Agriculture!

Above this Alani spends her spare time at the pool and is actually a two times Paralympic swimmer.

Last but not least, Alani adventures through life with her side kick and guide dog Gatsby.

Listen to Alani’s talk on our YouTube Channel at


Sensory Solutions Logo

Thank You to Anthony Dodds, Marita Erlan and Kgomotso Tlhoiwa from Sensory Solutions for providing us with information and displays on their Access Technology Solutions.

Pictured below are some of the solutions on offer which include Screen Reading Software, Braille Displays and Printers, OCR Scan and Read, Note takers etc. 

For more information please visit their website at www.