Retina SA – Annual General Meeting 2022

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August 02, 2022
Guest Speaker - Jennifer Webster

Jenny has been one of Retina SA members for many years.

She is a creative communicator, independence coach, low vision awareness consultant and an innovator.

Her experience of living with Stargardts Dystrophy, for more than 45 years, has given her a unique perspective on navigating life, relationships, physical environments, public transport and digital spaces independently. She now uses this knowledge to help others who are new to adapting to low vision, and those who design for inclusion of all people.

She has created a product called a PADPERCH, which is a stand that allows visually impaired people to use free, or low cost, Apps on their smart devices, for electronic magnifying or text reading.

Thanks to an award from the South African Breweries Foundation, the product is currently being refined for manufacture.

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