Retinal Realities Podcast – Episode 15 – Breaking the Blind Boundaries – with Zaheeda Saloojee Jooma

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March 12, 2024
Breaking the Blind Boundaries - Zaheeda Salojee

In this captivating podcast, we delve into the remarkable journey of Zaheeda Saloojee Jooma, a true embodiment of bravery and determination. Despite being diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a condition causing damage to the retina, Zaheeda defied the odds and embarked on a cycling adventure just four weeks ago as she geared up to participate in the Dis-Chem Ride for Sight.

For visually impaired individuals like Zaheeda, everyday tasks pose unique challenges, yet she refuses to let her condition hold her back. With George De Goveia as her volunteer pilot on a tandem bicycle, Zaheeda was ready to conquer the ride, putting her trust in someone else’s hands.

The feeling of pride, bravery, and facing fears head-on is palpable in Zaheeda’s story. It takes immense courage to step out of one’s comfort zone, especially when relying on another person for guidance. Yet, Zaheeda’s determination speaks volumes about her resilience and spirit.

Zaheeda’s story serves as an inspiration to us all, urging us to break barriers and embrace inclusivity in para sports. Let’s join hands in supporting initiatives like the Dis-Chem Ride for Sight which strive to create awareness and opportunities for the visually impaired and blind community.

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