Retinal Realities Podcast – Episode 16 – Through the Looking Glass – with Hazel Sacharowitz

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May 24, 2024
THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS – with Hazel Sacharowitz
Welcome to this episode of the podcast “Through the Looking Glass: Unveiling Low Vision with an Optometry Expert

17 – 23 March is World Optometry Week, with the 23rd being World Optometry Day, the focus is on recognising the contributions of optometrists.

In today’s enlightening episode, we have the privilege of hosting Hazel Sacharowitz, a distinguished Optometrist from the Low Vision Care Centre.

Hazel has over 35 years of experience in the field of low vision including lecturing and training of the Optometry students at the University of Johannesburg. She is well known and respected in her field and has presented at numerous local and international conferences. She is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and remains passionate about low vision.

Tune in, listen, and let’s explore the world of low vision together. Remember, you’re not alone—we’re here to support you!

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