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June 20, 2023
We have launched our own Podcast - Retinal Realities

The Retinal Realities podcast will be a platform for Retina SA to engage in discussions on a wide range of topics including:
• Interesting information on retinal degenerative conditions,
• Discussions on the latest and greatest assistive devices and apps which help the visually impaired,
• Conversations and stories covering science, tech, family, relationships, careers, humour, inspirational triumphs, social change and many more arears of interest

Listen to these inspiring stories from some of our members:

  1. Triumphant Triathlete – Linsay Engelbrecht
  2. If there is a Will – there is a Wave – Michelle McFarlane
  3. Open the Lid and Climb Out – Alani Ferreira 

Retinal Realities Podcasts are available on: 
Spotify at 
Apple Podcasts




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