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May 30, 2024
South Africa Advances Toward Universal Accessibility

Following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s impactful speech at the Transport Summit on Universal Accessibility, attention has turned to the strides South Africa is making towards inclusivity for persons with disabilities.

The summit, a crucial gathering of minds and advocates for disability rights, highlighted the ongoing efforts and necessary advancements needed in transportation and beyond to ensure universal accessibility.

This event served as a platform for discussing the integration of technology into solutions for accessibility challenges, showcasing innovative approaches to navigation assistance and medical technology advancements. It underscored the importance of a universally accessible South Africa, aligning with President Ramaphosa’s vision and call to action.

The dedication of individuals and stakeholders, which includes Retina South Africa, towards this cause is a testament to the collective effort required to achieve a fully accessible nation. The summit not only reiterated the necessity of universal accessibility in transportation but also served as a reminder of the broader societal infrastructures that must evolve to include all citizens, regardless of their physical abilities.

Retina South Africa was represented at the Summit by Mariza Jurgens, Claudette Medefindt, Sandy Cape, and Linsay Engelbrecht. Our awareness table was visited by many and we took part in drafting the summit’s aviation and airline communique.

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