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November 29, 2021

Welcome Lwandisa Davids

Lwandisa Davids - Orientation and Mobility Practitioner PE

Lwandisa Davids – Orientation and Mobility Practitioner – PE Office

Welcome to Lwandisa Davids who has joined Retina SA as an Orientation and Mobility practitioner. Lwandisa is stationed at the PE Office.

In August Lwandisa presented a Vision Rehab Workshop and demonstrated various O and M and Skills of daily living tips.  These included tracking and tracing, money identification and cane and sighted guide techniques. She rounded off by showing some SDL and colour contrast utilisation. This equipped those who attended with a set of foundational skills to use their residual vision to monitor and be safe in their environment.

Contact Lwandisa on 041 363 0146

Bowling and Bonding—Saturday 20 November 2021

A day of bowling and bonding was held on Saturday 20 November 2021 at Westview Village Sports Club. Apologies that this went to press too late for you to attend this year.

Breakfast with Opthalmologists from the Provincial Hospital

The PE staff organised a working breakfast with the Ophthalmologists from the Provincial Hospital. Staff members Yonela Hofu and Lwandisa Davids highlighted the life changing roles they play in the lives of the visually impaired as Social Worker and Orientation and Mobility practitioner.

Youth Empowerment Project

Grateful thanks to Garth Austin from Zifundise Training and Consulting for taking our Youth Empowerment project one step further by presenting a SWOT Analysis Workshop to 50 youthful delegates. Delegates were empowered to learn to recognise that the right Attitude goes a long way in understanding the practicalities of assembling a SWOT analysis for their personal lives and entrepreneurial endeavours. Zifundise Training and Consulting specialises in Business Solutions and Teambuilding.


The team in Port Elizabeth gave presentations to various retirement facilities and groups in the Eastern Cape in September.

Port Alfred

Gail Cillie and Lwandisa visited the Port Alfred Settlers Park Retirement Village. They discussed the impact of Age-Related Macular Degeneration to the very appreciative villagers, their carers, and nursing staff. Lwandisa utilised the opportunity to do assessments for potential training in O and M.


The PE team educated the elderly about vision loss. The 10 steps to LOVE YOUR EYES was a feature of the talk.

Harvest Christian Church

Gail Cillie gave a in your vision presentation on Age Related Macular Degeneration- Identifying changes and what to do about it. She also took them through the Indicators, Diagnosis, Treatment Options and Rehabilitation Process.

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