International Day of Action for Women’s Health – 28 May 2022

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May 28, 2022

It is amazing that in 2022 we not only find inequality for women in the economic, social, and even in legal areas. This challenge can be just so much more daunting for people with visual impairment. 

In many areas, women’s’ ability to direct our own lives has improved, but often there are still geographical and cultural differences that rob many of their independence. 

The International Day of Action, 2022 highlights the need for us as women to take action to ensure that our lives are enjoyable, healthy, productive, and meaningful.   

We need to stand together against discrimination, violence, and any form of domination. It is interesting that some of the most powerful voices this century have come from teenagers – Malala Yousafzai and Greta Thunberg. They showed us that if you speak, the world will listen. 

We each have the right to enjoy our lives, to be happy and content – to live life to the fullest possible. 

So please take action. Speak up! For yourself, for your sisters in your area, country and around the world. Speak out against inequalities and injustices – social media is a powerful voice that you can heed. 

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