World Sight Day – 13 October 2022

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October 13, 2022

Retina South Africa would like to recognise the thousands of South Africans who are losing their vision to retinal conditions.

Whether you have mild or severe vision loss, you still have to confront many challenges every day.

Lack of accessibility, mobility, employment, privacy, dignity, education, treatment and often basic human rights.

We are not asking for any special treatment just that the playing field be levelled so that we can show the world just how “SPECIAL’ we are.

Do you feel voiceless and ignored?

We need community advocates  to speak out against discrimination and marginalisation.

Contact your local media, municipality, church, civic groups and tell your story.

Have you been unfairly treated due to your vision loss. SPEAK OUT.

Visit our website ( to ensure you know the basic facts about retinal vision loss and refer all persons in power to consult with us to redress any inequalities.  

Nothing about us without us.

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