Retinal Realities Podcast – Episode 5 – Paws at the Office

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June 23, 2023
Celebrating Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Welcome to the latest episode on the Retinal Realities Podcast “Paws at the Office” our guests today are Mariza Jurgens and her guide dog Dotty.

Today on Bring your Dog to Work Day we celebrate Dotty.

Mariza is an international renowned advocate for accessibility and is currently on the working group to improve information accessibility for the disabled in South Africa.

Mariza has a visual impairment called Cone Rod Dystrophy. Mariza relies on Dotty and technology to help her navigate the world. Mariza and Dotty have a strong bond, and Dotty has received special training from the Guide Dogs UK to help her with tasks such as crossing the street, avoiding obstacles and finding her way around. Dotty is trained to respond to Mariza’s commands and to alert her to any potential dangers.

Let’s show our appreciation for these amazing animals and the people they help!

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