World Diabetes Day

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November 14, 2021
The year 2021 is significant for the diabetes world, as it is the centenary of the discovery of insulin by Banting and Best in a small lab Toronto. It is notable that a hundred years after this life saving discovery, there are millions around the world who do not receive adequate care.

This is of such significance that in 2007 the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution to recognise November 14th as World Diabetes Day (WDD) to highlight ‘the urgent need to pursue multilateral efforts to promote and improve human health, and provide access to treatment and health-care education.’

The theme for WDD 2021 is Access to Diabetes Care.

People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes need ongoing care, support, and education to live a fulfilling, meaningful life and to delay or prevent the complications that impact the individual, the family, and society.

One of the questions that we are frequently asked at Retina SA is ‘which is more dangerous, Type 1 or Type 2? The answer surprises many – because it doesn’t depend on the type of Diabetes. People who are given the tools to care for themselves, know what to do and how to do it are able to live a long, healthy life. However, Diabetes is dangerous and can precipitate short and long term problems when there is insufficient care. Sadly, as stated above, many people do not have access to adequate care, and face complications such as heart attacks, strokes, amputations, kidney failure, – and blindness. (In fact, it has been found that as many as 20% of people who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes for the first time already have eye damage that they are usually unaware of).

Blog by Karen Denton – Head of Advocacy and Education at Retina SA

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